Noble Falcon ANC Review

Technical Performance

The Noble Falcon ANC has good dynamics, detail retrieval, and sound stage for a TWS IEM. Tonality is fairly good for a TWS. Could it be better? Yes, but I think this IEM is not necessarily for hardcore audiophiles like ourselves, and that is understandable. So it’s not fair to compare it with audiophile IEMs but I think the tonality is fairly good for the TWS IEMs. Yet, you shouldn’t expect too much in that regard and stick to your audiophile gear.

The soundstage is one of the biggest strengths of the Falcon ANC. The staging is wide and deep and the depth is very impressive. It manages to create a 3D soundstage. The width is also quite impressive and it helps to have a spacious and separated feeling. Speaking of separation, the Noble Falcon ANC is also very good in that regard. Overall separation is sharp enough with good focus and background with good layering.

As a result of the separation performance, the stereo imaging is impressive for a TWS. The background is clean and black enough for you to pick every instrument. The overall resolution could’ve been better to support the separation and sound stage qualities.


The Noble Falcon ANC is a very good option if you’re looking for a TWS that can block a lot of outside noise. For popular music, movies and games, it’s a great companion with the latest wireless technology in a hybrid configuration. It has a good nice design too with good ergonomics and build quality.

In the realm of TWS IEMs, if I take this model as a consumer-grade IEM, I liked it. It’s very easy to use with a great operation, especially with the dedicated Falcon ANC application. You can do sports, go on a trip by plane, or just sit down and relax by listening to some good music with it.

With the Falcon ANC app, the Falcon ANC can sound in whatever way you want. You can tune your Falcon ANC to your liking and create a more balanced presentation. Since it has good technical performance, especially in terms of staging, you would have very enjoyable times.

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