Noble Falcon ANC Review

Today we review the Noble Falcon ANC TWS IEM, selling for $189 USD.


Disclaimer: The Noble Falcon ANC was provided directly by Noble Audio. This review reflects my honest opinion as always.

About Noble Audio

If you’re into portable audio on a high level, then it’s impossible to not have heard of Noble Audio. Noble remains one of the most unique brands in this business, thanks to its incredible designs in terms of custom monitors. They make those with very different materials such as wood and carbon glass. These prestige designs to me are simply a work of art.

The Moulton brothers manage the company; John and Jim. As you probably know, John is the notorious “Wizard” and he is responsible for those artistic and artful designs. I had a chance to meet his brother Jim at CanJam in 2019 and he’s a very nice person to chat with. He has a lovely family as well.

We have written lots of articles about Noble Audio products before. You can find them by clicking here.

About Falcon ANC

After Noble Audio’s first-ever attempt in the TWS field, the Falcon,  Noble Audio proved themselves about making good-sounding TWS IEMs. Their TWS portfolio has grown. Falcon Pro and FoKus Pro models came out later on, and the latter has an HFN recommended badge. The original Falcon received praise from me and I recommended it without hesitation.

The Falcon ANC is the noise-cancelling solution from Noble, and now it’s the only TWS model selling on the Noble Audio website along with the FoKus Pro. I guess the Falcon and the Falcon Pro models are discontinued.

Once again, this TWS from Dr John Moulton, or “the Wizard” as I should call him. He is the body and soul of Noble Audio and the sound of this TWS is tuned by him. It has a 10mm dual-layered titanium dynamic driver. The specs are as below;

  • Hybrid noise cancelling
  • Hear-through and APTX VOICE
  • Qualcomm SoC QCC3056 Chip
  • Capable of Multi pairing and multipoint connections
  • Wide selection of settings and customization.

Design & Build

The Falcon ANC has a new design and shape, but certain Noble Audio elements are once again present. Because of the new ANC tech, the earpieces are bigger and bulkier. The faceplate area has a deep blue colour, which is similar to the earlier models, and around that faceplate or “touch” area there’s a black surface that has the LED light. The rest of the shells are completely black with a grey stripe.

The touch control area retains Noble’s TWS design language, but the rest of the earpieces look completely new. I think if there was no deep blue touch control area, you wouldn’t distinguish this model from any other regular TWS in the market. The Noble Audio logo is barely present on the touch controls for instance. So in terms of design, this new Falcon ANC has a very ordinary look.

The quality of the earpieces is very satisfying overall. I especially liked the sturdiness of the nozzles and the rest of the two-piece shell feels very very tough. However, this Falcon ANC doesn’t have any IPX feature, so you should take care of it against water and moisture. Yet, I’ve used it on the treadmill multiple times and had no problems at all.

The case is built very well and feels very good in the hand. The lid could’ve been better as it feels a bit flimsy at times, but there’s nothing to worry about as far as I can tell.

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