Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless – Review


Everyday Use

On the go

On a daily basis, the Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless is brilliant… and incredibly frustrating.

Let’s begin with the goods: Bluetooth pairing is blazing fast. Once you’ve paired your headset, it’ll automatically connect to your phone and I was pleasantly surprised to see the Momentum systematically pair with my iPhone every time I turned on the headset.

The same goes for the overall ergonomics. With a sensitive cup, instead of buttons, the Momentum 4 was easier to control than I expected, especially on the go. 

  • slide your finger upward to raise the volume, reverse gesture to lower the volume,
  • a single touch to play/pause, 
  • dual touch to activate/deactivate the noise-cancelling / transparent hearing

It’s quite intuitive and I have to praise Sennheiser’s engineers for that.


But, and that’s a BBW but(t): there are tons of bugs.

First of all, to get the best of your Momentum 4, Sennheiser advises you to install the Smart Control app on your smartphone – which I did. But, the first connection took no less than 10 attempts and 3 hard resets before success, and I’m usually good with tech stuff…

Once done, the app offers you multiple options like:

  • ear detection, so the music automatically play/pause when you remove/wear your headphones. If a bit clumsy in the previous version, it’s now totally inoperant!
  • activate/deactivate the noise-cancelling. That didn’t work when I got the headphone the first time, but after a quick software update, it now works normally
  • change the sound signature to give the headphone a personal taste. It worked well during the first weeks, but the last update made it inoperant…

To that I have to point out the fact that the Momentum 4 crashed time and time, forcing me to reset the headphone whenever that occurred. And that’s a real shame, because when it works, the Sennheiser is a real joy to use, even more so when I’m on the train, where the AirPods Max became too big on a daily basis.


So let’s hope Sennheiser quickly fixes that…

Active noise-cancelling


Another massive disappointment, as the Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless displays one of the worse noise-cancellation I tried this year. In fact, it’s so weak that I even suspected my model to be faulty. But, after grabbing a pair at my local audio shop, I had to accept the truth: it’s just that bad.

To be more accurate, if I’d rate my AirPods Pro 2 10/10 in this regard, and the AirPods Max 7/10, the Momentum 4 would not mark more than 3/10 on my personal chart. Outside voices are clearly audible, even at moderate listening volume, while high-pitched sounds get through whatever the situation. The only sounds correctly annihilated are low-pitched noises, but that may just be the good cushions working their way here…

So maybe that’s another software fix to get, but for now, with or without noise-cancelling, there is no difference.


Transparency mode

Just a quick word regarding the Transparency mode: it’s quite efficient, but it sounds way too artificial, especially compared to Apple’s headsets.

Contrary to the AirPods Max, where you get the sensation that your headphone magically disappears, the Momentum 4 Wireless just enhances outside voices and everything that’s above the 2kHz. It doesn’t magically blend but either seems like you’ve put too much contrast on a picture.

Again, it’s much more efficient to just remove the headphone this time.

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  • Reply November 24, 2022


    The review is true. The sound is amazing. I have tested Momentum 4 side by side with 1000XM5. The sound diference was so big that I’ve sent 1000XM5 right back.
    It seems like the ANC and app issues solved after the update.

  • Reply November 28, 2022


    This might be the only negative review I’ve seen on this headphone.

    I am a big fan of the Momentum 3 wireless, the sound quality is fantastic for a Bluetooth headphone, especially when you use the high end setting in the app.

    The noise canceling on that headphone is not the greatest, but I’m very happy with the sound.

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