Black Friday & Cyber Monday Audio Buying Guide!


Astell&Kern SP2000


$0-$500 : iBasso DX150


$501- $1500 : Fiio M11 Pro


+$1500 : HiBy R8


No limit: Astell&Kern SP2000



Hugo vs Hugo 2

DAC/AMP – Portable

$0-$250: Lotoo PAW S1

       For less than 200 USD this is a fantastic device and it gets a very strong recommendation from me.

$251- $1000 : EarMen TR-AMP


+$1500 : Chord Electronics Hugo 2




DAC/AMP – Desktop

$0-$500: iFi Nano iDSD Black


$501- $1500 : Burson Audio Conductor 3XP


+$1500 : Chord Electronics Hugo TT2


No Limit: Flux Lab Acoustics Atlas


The final suggestions or on the last page. Click here or use the jumps below.


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