Effect Audio EVO 10 Review

The Effect Audio EVO 10 is a hybrid upgrade cable that belongs to the new EVO Series of Effect Audio. It’s is priced at $588 USD.


Disclaimer: I’ve received the Effect Audio EVO 10 as a review sample free of charge. I tested the cable with the PEARS SH-3, Empire Ears ESR MKII and Lime Ears Pneuma IEMs.

About Effect Audio

Effect Audio is one of the most recognizable cable companies in the market which is based in Singapore. One of the features of Effect Audio is their collaboration efforts with companies such as Empire Ears, Jomo Audio, and Vision Ears, which are very good brands in their own right. With their relations to the other well-known companies, and with their products’ performance as a whole, EA obviously is a reliable manufacturer in terms of aftermarket cables.

I also need to say that whenever a fellow audiophile asks me about which cable they should get, the first brand that comes to my mind is Effect Audio and I personally recommend their cables most of the time.

Effect Audio EVO 10

There are a lot of different options in their product range. There’s a Premium Series and a Heritage Series which contains 8 different cables to choose from. There’s also a bespoke option which is a specialized order for your needs, including 8-wire versions.

However, the most impressive cables from Effect Audio belong to their Hall of Fame. These contain fantastic craftsmanship and sound. They’re so good that you could start asking yourself how cables create this much effect. I was particularly blown away by the sound of the Horus cable myself, and I’m not sure if I’ve ever listened to a better one. Maybe only Brise Audio.

Their latest flagship, the Code 51 is also very impressive and simply a statement to the market. You can check its own review below.

Effect Audio EVO 10

About EVO 10

The EVO 10 is the latest addition to the EA lineup and the name obviously represents “Evolution”. It contains new design elements to enhance the aesthetics factor even more. EA cables always looked good, but this one sets the bar even higher.

This is a 26AWG 4 Wire setup and it contains UP-OCC Gold-Plated Copper and UP-OCC Copper-Plated Silver. The EVO 10 is a bit different in its structure. Normally you have 2 wires of copper and 2 wires of silver to form a hybrid cable. But EA chose to go with a different route. Now every wire has silver + copper combined in itself, and 4 of them come together to make the EVO 10.

That’s not it. With this cable, EA introduced a new insulation material for the wires and that is called “Surlyn”. This material is used in several industries already and EA chose this material to eliminate microphonics. As another plus, they also aim to block unnecessary moisture around the cable. Lastly, there’s the EA “UltraFlexi” Jacket for overall softness and ergonomics.

The EVO lineup also has the EVO 1 cable as an entry-level product in this series. That one costs 388$ and has UP-OCC Gold-Plated Copper, UP-OCC Silver-Plated Copper, and Oxygen-Free Copper combined.

Effect Audio EVO 10

Effect Audio EVO 10


Effect Audio really came a long way. They really know how to create a pleasing unboxing experience as they used a completely new packaging just for this series. You receive a premium-looking box with the EVO 10 with a very cool design. It gives the impression of a luxury product in every way.

In the long box, you’re welcomed with 3 “E-Plates” which I will describe shortly. Once you open the cardboard below, you see the new cable wrapped around 2 circular points on top and bottom. What a display. This is a fantastic presentation and the fact that the 2-pin connectors are covered with plastic caps is yet another cool touch.

Effect Audio EVO 10


As much as the sound quality, EA wanted this cable to be like a fashion companion as well. The looks of cables matter and I honestly think some IEM manufacturers don’t quite get this. Yes, we’re all here for sound quality, but who doesn’t like the looks of a nice cable paired with your beloved IEMs? This is quite an important factor in my book and EA simply nailed it.

The EVO 10 looks very special despite its full black color. Normally we’re used to seeing the wires of the cable with transparent coatings. This time it’s all black but the really cool thing is that you can see 4 individual wires inside the y-split. EA basically recreated the splitter with a great touch to add a very unique design element to the cable. Even the chin slider is designed to attach inside the splitter when in a fully down position.

Effect Audio EVO 10

And, you can customize the color of your splitter with the new “E-Face” plates. This is a similar idea of changeable faceplates in IEMs but executed really well to add the users’ touch to their cable. The result is perfect with distinct colors to create a prestigious look. With the EVO 10, you get 3 different colors. One is “X-Face” which is a combination of purple and orange colors. The other is full purple, which goes really well with the cable. Lastly, you get a full matte black plate for a more serious look.

Build Quality & Ergonomics

Effect Audio once again impressed me with their craftsmanship for the EVO 10. The cable feels perfectly built with great tight braiding from top to bottom. I expected nothing less in the first place, but the braiding, in particular, is so good.

I didn’t quite like the way they went with the Vogue Series before, because the build quality I think became a bit worse for the sake of style and minimalism. This time, the EVO 10 brings the EA quality back with premium quality parts. First of all, the new transparent splitter is fantastic and you can actually see through the new 4 wire setup I mentioned above.

Effect Audio EVO 10

My sample is terminated with the new, square-shaped 4.4mm jack which is also exceptional and premium. It allows a very tight and rigid connection with your sources and it boasts quality. 2-pin connectors have the recessed design for those kinds of IEMs but they work with every other IEM as well. They’re a bit bigger than the previous 2-pin connectors of EA but as I remarked, the EVO 10 brings the sturdiness and premium parts back.

The cable feels very soft and great in the hand as well as on the ear. The new memory wire area is thicker but it has a very soft touch in it. The shape of this area is excellently done so there’s no issue regarding comfort.

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