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It’s a new award, so don’t go looking in our previous Munich show reports who were the previous winners. The 2022 winner of our Headfonia Best OF SHOW Award is…..




RAAL Requisite is a Serbian/American brand we haven’t featured on Headfonia yet, but I hope we soon will get the possibility to do so. RAAL doesn’t only impress in the looks department, but the SR1b sounds spectacular as well. Don’t let the looks fool you, it actually is a very comfortable headphone. With the TI-1a interface you can also hook it up to your power or headphone amp, and impressed you will be.

The SR1b sounds even better with its dedicated new tube amp, called the VM1a (see picture above). And that combo simply is one of the most impressive setups I’ve head the pleasure to listen to.

RAAL was also showing their new circumaural headphone prototype (see before) and also that headphone with the VM1a seriously impresses. A well deserved award winner!

That’s it for the High End Munich show picture report. See you next year!


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