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Great team, good gear and a closed, silent listening room. Hifiman was showing all of their popular models and more. Think Deva Pro, HE1000, Susvara, EF-400, Arya Stealth, Edition XS, HE-R10P, HE-R10D, HE-R9 etc.

Have you seen the HE-R10’s driver before? (ps. Don’t try this at home)

High End

There’s a lot of super cool stuff that isn’t headphone related, but the things that impress me each time are the immense cables and turntables

iFi Audio

Affordable and excellent gear, combined with a fresh design. That’s what iFi Audio is all about. Think GO Blue, Gryphon, Zen, and more. Oh and they also showed their new GO BAR dongles and I got to unpack the first gold one. Fun!


The German maker of universal and custom IEMs is especially famous for their SD series and the ProPhile 8, but they were also showing the Zeitgeist. The CIEM with the UK flag was probably the most pretty (C)IEM at the show.

JBL, Jecklin Float, KEF

I really dig that retro design of the JBL speakers, but I actually have a set of KEF LS50 META in my tv setup. Coolest headphone of the show? The Float!


I absolutely love the Khadas gear. It’s a bit of a surprise I didn’t find more Teas and Tones at the show.

Lake People

LP focuses on the Pro market and their units offer great value for money. You get the basics but great sound. Expect to see more Lake People gear on Headfonia soon.

Lehmann Audio

Mr. Lehmann had nothing new to show us this year but it’s always nice visiting their booth and talking audio with them.


The Lotoo gear is super popular, so it was a bit of a disappointment to only find them like this. 1 DAP and 1 IEM under a glass cover. Lotoo, please do better next year, ok? Thanks!


I have always found the Manley design super cool. Isn’t that Stingray gorgeous? I unfortunately never got to listen to one, but I’ll try to do that before the end of the year.


The skull headphone amp still looks incredible. What do you think? hot or not?

Meze Audio

Big booth from Meze Audio this year. Great people and quality gear, it’s always a pleasure visiting Meze. Of course we listened to the Elite, Liric, Empyrean, Advar and the new 109 Pro open back dynamic driven headphone. There also was a really nice limited edition Empyrean.


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