Blog: High End Munich 2022 Show Report



Another very popular brand on Headfonia. Here we see the Topping D90 and A90 as well as the D30 & A30 stack.


Violectric probably brought their full updated range to the show. All of their amps could be listened to with Chord DACs and Audeze headphones. Expect more Violectric reviews on the site soon!

Western Electric

If you like tubes and know your way around 300B tubes, then you know the Western Electric ones are iconic, especially the NOS one. WE however is building the 300B again, and they now also have their own 91E amplifier. Gorgeous!

xDuoo & Yulong

Nano and Yagiz adore xDuoo and Yulong and we have reviewed many of their gear here on the site. We did publish the TA-30 review, but we’re still trying to get the Yulong DAC/AMP.


On the last page of this show report you will find out who this year got our BEST OF SHOW award! Click here or use the jumps below!

Page 1: Abyss to Chord Electronics

Page 2: CustomArt to Hifi Rose

Page 3: Hifiman to Meze Audio

Page 4: Mytek to Technics

Page 5: Topping to Yulong

Page 6: Best of Show Award

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