Blog: High End Munich 2022 Show Report



Too bad Piotr didn’t make it to show himself, but the full CA line-up was there, and I especially liked the FIBAE 7.

Dan Clark

I really had to look hard to find a DCA headphone but I luckily managed to find the Stealth just in time. To be honest, I expected more.


Surprise surprise, the new dCS Lina setup was not present in Munich! Luckily we have one over at the HQ


Dynaudio always does something impressive or special at the show and this year it were cool cars. Like this DMC DeLorean.


Auris’ sister brand was showing a couple of new things and I have to say all of these were really impressive! The PSU-3/Staccato/Tradutto/CH-AMP stack sounds incredible. I hope we’ll have it in for review soon. The new Angel (the TR-AMP successor) was also very impressive!


Enleum is the new brand from the designer behind the “old” Bakoon brand, which we all loved. I didn’t get to listen to the AMP-23r at the show, but we will be reviewing it soon!

Feliks Audio

This was the first official show participation of the Polish brand, and they brought all of their award winning amplifiers, including the Euforia, Euforia AE, Envy and Echo.

Ferrum Audio

The HEM company was also there for their first time and that’s no surprise really as their Hypsos, OOR and ERCO are top quality and multiple award winning products. Maybe a dedicated DAC soon?

Final Audio

Lots of exciting things at the Final booth, including a press conference where they announced their new upcoming TWS IEM flagship earhpone. Next to that we saw some of their headphones, the ZE3000 TWS, the B-series IEMs and the A series IEM.


Focal wasn’t present in the headphone part of the show but they were showcasing their headphone line-up in a small corner at their private Hi-Fi booth. A bit of a shame really.


I don’t have any Fostex headphones in the office, but I do always try to listen to them at the shows. They were well hidden though.


I was really surprised but very pleased to see a hidden Geshelli setup being used at the someone’s booth.


The Brooklyn based American brand is always at the show, up in the Atrium rooms. Don’t these look sexy?

Grell & Heavys HEadphones

Axel Grell was sharing a booth with the Heavys headphones. Unfortunately I did not get to listen, see or touch to them at the show…

The Heavys headphones are built for metal and they’re proud to be loud. I did listen to them, but that’s pretty much all there is to say about them.


Always good to see Klaus and the guys. Unfortunately there was nothing new related to headphones and they couldn’t really say anything about what could be coming up this or next year.

HiBy Music

We just published the HiBy R5 GEN 2 DAP review a few days ago and that’s about all I can say about it. What do they expect when your products are locked up and non-testable at the biggest European show?

Hifi Rose

Now this brand did excite me and many people at the show. Lots of brands were using their gear at their own booths and that always is a good indication. I will for sure be looking into these for Headfonia!


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Page 1: Abyss to Chord Electronics

Page 2: CustomArt to Hifi Rose

Page 3: Hifiman to Meze Audio

Page 4: Mytek to Technics

Page 5: Topping to Yulong

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