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Amplifier Recommendations

The rule that I use is that the bigger the size of the headphone, the bigger the need for amplification. Of course factors like driver sensitivity and impedance will matter, but the general rule of thumb is, use a dedicated headphone amplifier for a full size headphone. Even a portable amplifier can be enough, depending on the type of the headphones. Also remember that open back headphones usually require more amplification power (from A Guide to Headphones).


Portable Amplifiers

JDSLabs Cmoy
This great sounding portable amp at a great price is becoming a very consistent recommendation for all sorts of headphone listeners. For $60, you can get into the portable amp bandwagon and see what the fuss is all about. The JDSLabs’ sound quality don’t disappoint either. Open and spacious with smooth mids and a very musical overall sound. It also comes with a bass boost feature that bumps up the bass significantly. If you decide to order, it’s recommended to ask if you can also have the recharging circuitry built into the amp.
$59.99 from JDSLabs | $60 Pack of Awesome: JDSLabs Cmoy

Electric Avenues PA2V2
One of the oldest portable amp in existence is also another great entry level portable amp. The sound signature is more forward and engaging than the JDSLabs Cmoy, making it a better choice for Rock. The PA2V2, however, doesn’t come with a bass boost switch. It’s also another highly recommended items, and if you ask me to choose between the PA2V2 and the JDSLabs, I really would just get both of them since they are so affordable. $60 including US shipping from Electric Avenues.
$60 from Electric Avenues ( | Electric Avenues PA2V2 

Despite the advancement in portable amps with the newer digital volume control and balanced topologies, I still think that the SR-71a, with the signature dark and weighty lows of RSA is still one of the most desirable portable amps in the market, the only downside being non rechargeable batteries.
$450.00 from Ray Samuels Audio | The Usual Suspects

ALO Rx Mk2
Although there are a lot of portable amp in the market, the ALO Rx Mk2 is one of the most popular amp around with its thin form factor, digital volume control, clean, open, and spacious sound with great bass impact makes this an easy amplifier to like. Suitable for anything from IEMs to hard to drive full size headphones.
$449.00 from ALO Audio The Usual Suspects


Desktop Amplifiers

Schiit Asgard
Frankly, the initial hype surrounding the Asgard sort of puts me in a sceptic mode. Is this going to be another over-hyped item? After all, how good can a sub-$300 solid state amp sounds? After doing a review of the Asgard, Valhalla, and Lyr, I was truly impressed with the sound and performance of the Asgard that it deserves a spot in Headfonia’s recommendation list. So here it is, an entry level solid state amp with a slight warm sound and a superb musicality. Truly a high value/dollar product that I’d highly recommend to people without a desktop amp as well as those who already has a higher-dollar desktop amp.
$279 from (free shipping)| Triple Schiit: Asgard, Valhalla, and Lyr

Woo Audio WA6
The mid-level, single-ended-triode, class-A amp from Woo audio delivers a clean and grainless sound with good bass impact. One of the most popular mid-fi tube around, the WA6 is a lively and open sounding amp without the slightest hint of mellow or “tubey” sound. Best build quality in the business too. Output transformer coupled design means that it handles both low impedance and high impedance headphones.
$620.00 from Woo Audio | WooAudio6 Tube Amplifier

Burson HA-160
The Burson HA-160 is a mid-level solid state amplifier that offers all the good thing normally associated with solid states. Most notably is one of the best bass impact among any desktop amps, as well as a clear articulation, full midrange and a fast-paced warm sound signature.
$695.00 from | Burson HA-160 Review

Graham Slee Solo SRG II
These two solid sounding mid-hi level desktop amplifier from Graham Slee don’t quite have the buzz that the other components I listed has, but here are two very likable sounding amp for those of you looking for a mid-hi level desktop amplifier.
£434.00 with PSU1 power supply; £314.25 standard unit | Graham Slee Desktop Amps: Novo, Solo SRG II, Solo Ultra Linear


Only list the most popular products are listed here. If you feel it to be too limited, feel free to browse the reviews on the Amplifier Category:

  • Matthew

    Hi, super helpful article/website. I’m looking to buy a good Amp/DAC to use with an iPhone and my HD600 headphones. Source files are usually compressed AAC. Two choices are the new Sony PHA-2 (can get sent from Japan via eBay) or the Versa VAMP. Both about $600. Any thoughts between the two? Other contenders I should consider? Thank you!

    • dalethorn

      I had the v-moda Verza for a few months, and sent it off to Marcus in the Philippines, so you could google him and see if he’s reported on it yet. I wrote a favorable review but it doesn’t say much about the sound except that it’s about as good as you’ll get with CD quality tracks (which isn’t bad). I’m not familiar with the Sony, but if I were looking beyond the Verza, I would take a very long look at the Theorem 720 (and then promptly buy it).

    • Mike

      The VAMP is better.

      The PHA-2 is still a hit and miss IMO.

      • Matthew

        Thanks for your response. I see others here recommend the Theorem, but that is way too big for my needs. The only other contender is the Fostex HP-P1, but that also is not as slim/sleek as the VAMP. Do you still recommend the VAMP over the Fostex?

        • dalethorn

          I had the Verza. I wish I had the Theorem instead.

        • Mike

          Ignoring size, the Theorem is currently my #1 preference. The Vamp is a close second.

    • L.

      I can’t say it enough: Cypher Labs Theorem!

  • Diego

    Hey Mike, great and informative website. I bought myself now the first expensive iem (westone 4r) and I search now a portable amp. I will use it also for my desk. So I read all your reviews and now I have the problem that I stay where I began. I searching something between around 400$. I listen any kind of music, but most hiphop. I hope you can help!

    Best regards from n’ keep it up!

    • L.

      I can fully recommend the Duet as well

    • Mike

      Hi Diego,
      With IEMs, a better source is what I’ll go for first.

  • Roey

    Mike, need your expertise on running the He-6 from an vintage amp via speaker taps. Which one would you recommend, Marantz or Pioneer? Also, where in Jakarta would you recommend I can get a vintage amp repaired or check-out before plugging in speakers/headphones into them.

    • L.

      The HE6 does great with vintage gear. both are really good, give them both a listen.

    • Mike

      Can’t say which brand.. Vintage Marantz tend to be warm and blindly that’s the brand I’d go for but ultimately you have to test and listen.

      Get in touch with this guy to get the amp checked and repaired:


    which amp that been reviewed here would be closest to the quality sound wise of this amp HEADAMP GS-XMK2 ?

    • Mike

      Sorry I have no idea.

  • Raskoln

    Hi, can you recommend an amp, desktop or portable, to pair with Senn 598s? Very wide listening tastes.

    • Raskoln

      Recommend Audinst HP or Fiio E12 for above?

      • Mike

        The Audinst

        • Raskoln


  • Gabriel

    I have a Sony MDR-X10 (among others), Sony Xperia Z Ultra and a FiiO E11. I do not need portability so I am looking into a better amp at no more than $150..maybe the Little Dot I+, or the Magni or maybe you have another suggestion?

    One thing that concerns me is the Bass Boost of the FiiO as I like to use that since the sound from my phone seems to lack bass on some songs.

  • Vishal Singh

    I have read your several reviews and I know your are not a big fan of diymod. However, I have got one and I want your help in buying an amp which will complement my diymod well. I have Arrow 3G but it does not go well with the diymod. Help please.

    • L.

      I have no clue concerning the imod (diymod), sorry

      • Vishal Singh

        Its just an imod with blackgate capped lod. It has abundant bass in them as it is and adding arrow 3g with it just makes it to bass heavy and to dark for my taste.

        • L.

          Arrow 3G is a good amp though. In that case get a nice neutral amplifier? Or one with adjustable bass like the JDSlabs C5

          • Vishal Singh

            I was wondering that myself. Thanks.