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Amplifier Recommendations

The rule that I use is that the bigger the size of the headphone, the bigger the need for amplification. Of course factors like driver sensitivity and impedance will matter, but the general rule of thumb is, use a dedicated headphone amplifier for a full size headphone. Even a portable amplifier can be enough, depending on the type of the headphones. Also remember that open back headphones usually require more amplification power (from A Guide to Headphones).


Portable Amplifiers

JDSLabs Cmoy
This great sounding portable amp at a great price is becoming a very consistent recommendation for all sorts of headphone listeners. For $60, you can get into the portable amp bandwagon and see what the fuss is all about. The JDSLabs’ sound quality don’t disappoint either. Open and spacious with smooth mids and a very musical overall sound. It also comes with a bass boost feature that bumps up the bass significantly. If you decide to order, it’s recommended to ask if you can also have the recharging circuitry built into the amp.
$59.99 from JDSLabs | $60 Pack of Awesome: JDSLabs Cmoy

Electric Avenues PA2V2
One of the oldest portable amp in existence is also another great entry level portable amp. The sound signature is more forward and engaging than the JDSLabs Cmoy, making it a better choice for Rock. The PA2V2, however, doesn’t come with a bass boost switch. It’s also another highly recommended items, and if you ask me to choose between the PA2V2 and the JDSLabs, I really would just get both of them since they are so affordable. $60 including US shipping from Electric Avenues.
$60 from Electric Avenues ( | Electric Avenues PA2V2 

Despite the advancement in portable amps with the newer digital volume control and balanced topologies, I still think that the SR-71a, with the signature dark and weighty lows of RSA is still one of the most desirable portable amps in the market, the only downside being non rechargeable batteries.
$450.00 from Ray Samuels Audio | The Usual Suspects

ALO Rx Mk2
Although there are a lot of portable amp in the market, the ALO Rx Mk2 is one of the most popular amp around with its thin form factor, digital volume control, clean, open, and spacious sound with great bass impact makes this an easy amplifier to like. Suitable for anything from IEMs to hard to drive full size headphones.
$449.00 from ALO Audio The Usual Suspects


Desktop Amplifiers

Schiit Asgard
Frankly, the initial hype surrounding the Asgard sort of puts me in a sceptic mode. Is this going to be another over-hyped item? After all, how good can a sub-$300 solid state amp sounds? After doing a review of the Asgard, Valhalla, and Lyr, I was truly impressed with the sound and performance of the Asgard that it deserves a spot in Headfonia’s recommendation list. So here it is, an entry level solid state amp with a slight warm sound and a superb musicality. Truly a high value/dollar product that I’d highly recommend to people without a desktop amp as well as those who already has a higher-dollar desktop amp.
$279 from (free shipping)| Triple Schiit: Asgard, Valhalla, and Lyr

Woo Audio WA6
The mid-level, single-ended-triode, class-A amp from Woo audio delivers a clean and grainless sound with good bass impact. One of the most popular mid-fi tube around, the WA6 is a lively and open sounding amp without the slightest hint of mellow or “tubey” sound. Best build quality in the business too. Output transformer coupled design means that it handles both low impedance and high impedance headphones.
$620.00 from Woo Audio | WooAudio6 Tube Amplifier

Burson HA-160
The Burson HA-160 is a mid-level solid state amplifier that offers all the good thing normally associated with solid states. Most notably is one of the best bass impact among any desktop amps, as well as a clear articulation, full midrange and a fast-paced warm sound signature.
$695.00 from | Burson HA-160 Review

Graham Slee Solo SRG II
These two solid sounding mid-hi level desktop amplifier from Graham Slee don’t quite have the buzz that the other components I listed has, but here are two very likable sounding amp for those of you looking for a mid-hi level desktop amplifier.
£434.00 with PSU1 power supply; £314.25 standard unit | Graham Slee Desktop Amps: Novo, Solo SRG II, Solo Ultra Linear


Only list the most popular products are listed here. If you feel it to be too limited, feel free to browse the reviews on the Amplifier Category:

  • Jonathan “falvern” Sutedja

    hi guys i have ath m50x and i was wondering what kind of amplifier will be good for it
    source usually asus laptop iphone5 and ipod mp3 player
    i dont know if its better to get portable or desktop amp
    if the sound quality of desktop amp will be far more better than portable i think i will get the desktop one
    and my budget is around 50-200$
    but if u guys want to recomend something outside the price range its ok but tell me what so god about it hahaha thank you very much

    • New DragonFly for laptop only – $200. New DragonFly for portable (laptop too) – $100. The main difference is power. The extra power for $200 is not for louder volume playback, it’s for dynamics and transients.

  • Arttt

    Hi from Sweden!
    i got hifiman he560 and beyerdynamic A1 to drive it. I am not sure if its a good match, since A1 was designed to drive high Ohms headphones like T1 …

    I heard that planar headphones are current hungry, but how do i see current output on my A1 and how much current output do you need to drive he560 correct ?


  • Benjamin Fong

    Hi, I need some advise. I m a poor study student n I have a very tight budget n small room . But want to find a small desktop amp with or without dac, for easy to moved about n for small room. My source is my laptop or my iPhone. I have a t1 n aedle hp n a centrance m8.

    I come across concero hp n graham slee solo ultra linear diamond version n a old 8 year darkvoice figaro tube amp.

    So please do give me some advise. A lot of things I don’t know n not sure. I try to max my money for the the best choice. Thks.

    • we need more info. Headphones, DAC, portability, budget, etc

      • Benjamin Fong

        Hi ,

        I thought I mention I have a t1 n aedle headphone n centrance m8.

        Now trying to find a decent desktop amp for my t1. I happen to see graham slee solo ultra linear diamond version , a beyerdynamic A1, concero hp n old darkvoice figaro tube amp for sale. Due to my limited budget I am seek advise from you to see which is a better choice.

        Budget is a bit flex but limited. Ratio. Lowest cost with best sound. :p poor man ratio.

        • A good amp for T1 is not for the poor. I’d be looking for a tube amp in the range of $1500.

  • Benjamin Fong

    Actually , I am quite incline to the old darkvoice Figaro tube amp connect with my centrance m8 as dac. The price is cheap. But am afraid to be troublesome if the tube spoil. Then I think maybe concero hp which is a amp/dac. But the price is ex n don’t know if it can support iPhone as source. Then the graham slee solo ultra linear diamond n beyerdynamic A1. Both connect with my m8 for Dac. Since I m new ,it is a very hard decision to made since my knowledge is very limited. So I sincerely hope you may able to help me by giving me some advise. All the set I mention are second hand set. I can’t afford new set. Thks.

  • Benjamin Fong

    Woo A7 vs meridian prime ? Which is better ? Which better suit with t1

    • Go for tubes!

      • Benjamin Fong

        Thks. I will get the Wa 7