Blog: High End Munich & Canjam Europe 2018 – Picture Report Part 2

Project Audio

If you want to see the biggest booth of the show, then year after year the Project Audio booth is the place to go to. This year they even had a dog in there. I kid you not.

Next to a huge number of turntables, PJ also offers a whole series of digital devices such as the Phono Box S2 and the Tube Box S2

That actually is the phono stage I’m using at home for my Pro-Ject 1Xpression Carbon Classic  TT

Then there’s the Pre Box S2 Ultra

but what I really want is the ROON approved Stream Box S2 Ultra


If you’re into speakers then you surely heard of Quad before. Their headphone and headphone amp however? Brand new

And the setup sounds really good too. Though I’m not really surprised about that fact



I have to say I was a bit disappointed with RHA’s new booth as there was no easy way to try out all the new wireless models

Rhines Audio

Always a pleasure seeing Felix and co at the German shows. And they did bring a new model for us to listen to!

It should be available in a few months and this is their first monitor aimed at the audiophile and not the pro user.


Such cool devices!


One of my favourite headphone brands but you all know that already

We reviewed their new HD660S not that long ago. At the booth they were demoing all their gear with this new HDVD820

A lot of people were there for the IE800S

But all my attention went to the HD820s, the closed version of the successful HD800s

I spent a lot of time with it and I really like it, it’s like the HD800s, but closed! Though it doesn’t sound closed.


Of course the Shanling M2s and M3s were there but it’s the M0 that got all my attention


Another really big booth with a full product line-up

You can spend hours at their booth to listen to everything, and many people do exactly that

And we’re almost there. Next page? Click HERE!

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  • Reply May 27, 2018


    Did you listen to the Questyle CMA400i? Hearing a lot of praise about it, but sadly no comment from you under the picture 🙁

    • Reply December 31, 2018


      It is warmer and less offensive than the cma600i. But I am not a fan of questyle amps.

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